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Home Theater
Digital Signage
Home Theater and Commercial Video Distribution

Trying to save a few bucks on your cable bill?

How about re-creating that sports bar feel at your bar in the basement?

We have video distribution systems that will maximize your viewing experience and more. Don’t forget about the ultimate in entertainment, the Theater Room. Theaters aren't just for movies anymore, these rooms are great for corporate presentations, sporting events, gaming, or your favorite HD television show.


Check out our portfolio gallery and ask to see one of our commercial or residential job sites in person.

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Residential & Commercial Automation

Streamline and integrate several systems within your home or office.


With one click of a button, or the unlocking of a door, automation software can turn on your lights, open your blinds, play a CD, and even alert you when some one is home.


This can also be done remotely!



Let Sheer Technologies lead your home or office into the future.

High Definition Audio

From professional audio at churches and restaurants to everyday living sitting on the deck listening to tunes. Sheer Technologies will provide you with best in class performance as well as architectural appeal wrapped in one package. Unheard of right? Wrong… We have a variety of “wife friendly” installation options available. Let us show you some!

Networking and IT Services

Having issues with your network? Did you forget to save your hard drive externally before your computer decided to stop working? What if your computer is running much slower than it used to?  All these problems are commonplace in our ever expanding technological world.  As a response to the growing demand, Sheer Technologies offers an array of IT services including:

  • Network Design and Topology

  • High Speed WiFi and Enterprise Network tools

  • Data Recovery

Camera Surveillance Systems

We want you to have that “peace-of-mind” feeling that allows people to go about their daily lives without having to worry about the safety and security of their homes and businesses. Which is why we offer the best, most cost efective surveillance cameras on the market.  Whether its for your home or for your business, Ultra High Definition Digital cameras are capable of producing crystal clear images if ever you're in the unfortunate situation where a camera is useful.  


Additionally, our camera systems can be customized to allow you to view your cameras from any device, anywhere in the world, as well as over any of your homes' HD TV's.

Digital Signage

Taking a digital monitor and transforming it into an engageing display, fully customizable, designed to keep audiences looking, giving them the exact message you want, at a specific time... That's Digital Signage.



  • Content in any shape or form

  • Easily connect to any content or data source

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Manage 1 screen or 1,000’s centrally, remotely, locally or globally

  • Unlimited creative options thanks to incredible customization features

  • Interactive, personalized, real time messaging at the right time, location, even individual viewer

  • Increase your sales per customer by cross-selling and up-selling

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